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Naturopathy ​and Mental ​Health

Garth and Geraldine Naturopathic and ​Psychologist Practitioners share ways of h​ow you can stay worry-free, improve your​ mental health and physical wellbeing.

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Garth and Geri

Garth and Geraldine are naturopathic health ​coaches, counsellors and educational practi​tioners who joined forces as they recognis​ed the importance of healthful living. Becau​se of their avid love for nutrition, longevity of ​life, and allowing the body to heal holistic​ally, they now serve people who have spiritua​l, physical, and mental health challenges in​ their local communities and the wider world.


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The Naturo-ment Wellness


The Naturo-ment Wellness program is a comprehensive naturopathic and mental health initiative ​designed to promote holistic well-being through a blend of natural therapies, mental well-being ​and wellness practices.

This programme emphasises the importance of balance and improves your emotional, mental, ​physical, social, spiritual and psychological health. Included in this programme are: consultation, ​personalised wellness plan, health report, clinical and psychological assessments, MRA body scan, ​blood analysis, nutritional guidance, stress management, physical fitness routine; and alternative ​therapies such as aromatherapy, foot detox, nutritional and psychological counselling.

By integrating these elements, the Naturo-ment Wellness Programme will enhance overall vitality, ​prevent illness, improve mental wellbeing, and help you achieve an optimal quality and healthy life ​.

LOVEBIOME, a plant-based nutritional drink and supplement promotes a healthier gut, by improving your immune system and getting rid of bad bacteria. With a blend of probiotics, prebiotics, whole foods and digestive enzymes, it stabilises your gut. Gently cleansing and detoxifying your body.

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What our Holistic Programme Includes

Face-to-face and online holisitc coaching over 16 weeks - body scan - clinical, psychological &

health assessments - digital journal - herbal & dietary advice - personalised plan - workshops - health ​report - physical fitness & relaxation techniques.

Plus Intensive

*Aromatherapy *Detoxing *Nutritional Counselling *Mental Wellbeing

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Other Programmes


6 weeks Intensive Programme

Body Scan

Health Assessment


Nutritional Counselling

Personalised Plan


6 weeks Intensive Programme

Body Scan

Health Assessment


Mental Wellbeing Counselling

Health Report

Fountain of life high performance antioxidants

fountain of Life / alkaline water

Alkaline Water for your spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical health

fountain of Life ​/ alkaline water

Alkaline Water (AK) claims many health benefits and ​challenges us to purify and hydrate the body to ​maximise on wellness and well-being.

Some benefits of AK help alleviate acid reflux or ​indigestion by neutralising stomach acid and preserving ​calcium in your bones while improving bone health.

Fountain of Life is an extract from the Norwegian ​spruce and offers anti-microbial, lignan and anti-​inflammatory benefits that fight against ​pathogens. It improves your chances of a healthier ​cardiovascular system and provides protection ​against cancer, diabetes, arthritis and chronic ​inflammatory conditions. It is specially formulated ​to increase your 'life health span' naturally.

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Youngevity supplements provide the nutrition your body needs with over 90 nutritional nutrients that help you maintain and achieve a healthful life. It has the essential minerals found in raw foods, and is specially formulated to promote healthier blood sugar levels, and normalise high blood pressure.



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